The Girl In Converse ..

Paraphrasing life

A feast to the soul
A dagger to his heart 

A felony but too late to mark

The one who tried to be

The one whom they couldnt but see

The words… 

They choked in his throat

Oh! the irony

But they did forever gloat..

Not for once did they ever see..

But much more could he try to be..
To his grave carry this weight..

May be!

Forever confined in these cages of lie.. 

The life that only breathes..

Unspoken a wish to fly..


~The Toy Train ~

Fighting her way through the mist,she chugs all along.A winding path is what she follows,leaving behind all,a trail of smoke.

toy train

She didn’t want to leave her room.She’d be alone without her friends. She did know no one in the town.She’d be alone she thought.

And right she was but not for long, for she found what she seeked not. A smile that greeted her every lane that she crossed,the warmth that came with a cup of tea, an argument that ended over a bowl of noodles, the morning walk which turned into a lifelong friendship.

And she walked away with a heavy heart, not knowing when she would be back. Holding on to the memories so beautiful that would forever remain close to her heart.She boarded the Toy Train.

The Summer In Her Heart..


Two third the summer sky
And a winter to go by
Birds to whistle
And the soft green bed to lay by.

Sparkle in her eyes
The fire in her soul.
That undying glit
Which sputters and only grows.

The sleepless nights
Equal the unfearful strides
Almost serene when fear and courage collides.

Not a pinch of sorrow
Nor an ounce of pain
As she says” Whats life without a little rain”.

And it’s the light, that she fears
Not the dark.
But who’s to blame
When she carries the summer in her heart.

An ode to my Thulomum…

At midnight when the dog barks and the world is fast asleep.
“Oh my God!.Could it be the thief trying to steal my father’s gold buried in deep?”.
With the lantern unhooked and in her hand the sturdy stick.
She roams the house trying to uncover the one playing the invisible trick.

Early morn with their back humped with a basket full of first flush.
You know how the mothers hurdle their kids in a kind of a pretty rush.
But “spoof” she goes and vanishes midway to her school.
All the while catching frogs and tadpoles in a river bed that she calls her pool.

And a pure reflection of joy it was,when she recalled her golden days.
Adorned with a hundred beautiful wrinkles,that gently spoke of her hidden grace.

A heart on her sleeve and if you think that was all to it.
Behold!For she could well give you a run with her wit.

A petite figure and a humble being.
I wonder if there ever was anything that she regretted not having seen.

When the darkness dawns and the star shoots by.
While the fairies sing the lullaby.
And if a wish I be granted by thee.
All that I would ever wish for is to see just about a tiny bit of a reflection, of you in me.

Cup of thoughts…

With tea in my hand. It’s a cold,foggy day in here .Seems like the winter is already crawling its way in, although it’s just a little past mid august.And just a perfect cozy day to spend the time reading a good book.

As I sip in my warm fresh tea ,I wonder what people around the world think of this little sleepy town tucked in safely amongst the hills,where a pine stands tall guard to the history of the time that passed by and the mighty Kanchenjunga sits high forever blessing us in all it’s serenity.

Have you ever visited Darjeeling or maybe sipped in a Cup of Darjeeling?

Or has a thought ever crossed your mind that “what would the people or the place be like from where your cup of morning miracle comes from?”

And it’s “An Award”!!!


Well yes, technically its not an award but more of a sweet way of getting to know someone. It reminds me of the time as mischievous 10 year old’s when we used to fight to scribble in those little slam books.And I have been nominated for one (yay!). And the amazing energy ball Theala Courts thank you so much for it.Don’t forget to drop by her blog here, might as well give you the much needed inspiration that you are looking for.

11 random facts about me:

1. I am of small structure, petite if I must say, so almost 90% of the time people mistake me for a 17 year old, whereas I am already in my twenties.

2. I have been suffering and fighting a skin pigmentation disease for almost 10 years now and I must say the journey hasn’t been any easier but I choose to believe that it hasn’t been that bad either.

3.I love to learn new languages.

4. People usually mistake me for an introvert where as I am quite a conversationalists with someone that I am comfortable with.

5. I am a digger for noodles.

6. I secretly wish I was a little bit more taller.

7. Socks is my little favourite thing.

8.I believe that pixies and fairies exists.

9. I love converse.They are my all time favourite.

10. Spring is my favourite season.

11. I am an eggetarian 😉 .


1. what inspired your blog?I love to try little small things and this time it was a blog.

2.A book or movie that changed your life?- The Secret

3.What do you love about fashion?-Well the flexibility to mix and match and still feel perfectly comfortable.

4.What is your favourite pastime activity?-Reading and surfing net.

5.Favourite musician?-Its a long list but Airsupply holds one of the position.

6.One thing that you can not live without.-My phone.

7.What’s on the top of your bucket list?-To have an opportunity to work with Mind Valley.

8.Where is your next travel destination?-Potala palace,Lahasa.

9.What is your Favourite food of all time?- Thukpa(noodles)

10.If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive who would it be?-Any member of Superjunior 🙂

11.What is your favourite quote to live by?-Faith is a belief in what I do not know now,so that I may soon enough come to know what I believe in.

And “The Rules” are:liebster-award-rulesQuestions for you:

1. If you were granted 3 wishes.What would you wish for?

2. What inspired you to blog?

3.If you were given a chance to be reborn, who would you rather be born as ?

4.Your biggest fashion mistake ever?

5.Your biggest source of inspiration?

6.One thing that you always wished to own but haven’t been able to?

7.One habit that others find weird about you?

8.If you were a given a chance to be a superhero for a day,what would you do?

9.Your favourite book?

10.Your biggest dream that you plan to achieve or you have already achieved?

11.Three words that perfectly describes you.

My nominees are (And I am sorry because I am going to cheat a bit in here for the nomination and I think I am breaking the rule of “less than 200” followers too ):

1. CuppaBlack Tea

2.Robin Gott

3.Peak Perspective


Little lost world!!

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Beneath Smile!!


A thousand silent words wanting to speak gently through the eyes.

Beneath those glittering eyes,who knows what she softly hides.

Passing a smile at each passerby, contagious smile it is indeed!

She tenderly builds a wall around her heart ,least the world might break it.

Missing a step at each turn, trying to get lost in the oblivion.

Her soul a vagabond, wandering the depths of ocean in search of bliss.


Beneath the cherry cheeks…


“One of the greatest flaws in us is that we only see that which is in front of our eyes. Most of the time we fail to see,what lies just underneath.”

A few days ago, I was asked to fill for an English class because apparently the teacher could not make it due to some urgent work. So there I was, standing in front of the class with multiple pairs of big twinkling eyes staring back. I have taught kids before but just not English. Yes, I am okay with maths and with being informed the last moment I dint even know what I was suppose to teach.

And as clueless as I was ,I decided to make it a bit of a fun class.The serious stuff  they could learn it the next day. So we divided the class into two groups and started with this little game of hangman. I gave the clues and they were to find the right words and then make sentences out of it.The first part of the game was pretty descent with kids trying to figure out the rules but as soon as they got the hang of it, the game took off pretty well.

With his nose almost touching the notebook, hardly ever raising his head to look at the board or even listen to what his classmates were saying.Round and chubby ,there on the corner of the last bench he sat. With scared eyes and cheeks flushed red,it looked like he desperately wanted to run away and hide somewhere.He looked up only when I asked him something.

The second part of the game took me by surprise.Whilst everyone was busy trying to join the pieces of clues.He just answered without even raising his head.And he continued until the game was almost over. To get answers from a kid who seemed like lost in his own world, not paying attention to what was going on, was kind of elating.The timer went off and the students rushed out.He pretended to pack his bag while others left.Once everyone was gone he picked his bag ,raised his head and left me a big smile behind.

That night I couldn’t stop thinking about the kid.He seemed kind of different but “the different” dint seem bad at all. The next day I asked the teacher about him and the answer, “He is a silent kid,cannot make him talk”. Kind of left me wondering even more.So I made this little effort to know him.At first he was a little hesitant,spoke almost nothing.The next day was a little better got back few answers and the days after that, they have been much better.It has been almost a week now and I must say he has opened up far more than I thought he would.

Since then I have discovered quite a number of things about him.

1. He actually “Talks”. No I am not lying.

2. He is quite intelligent but his fear of being in group/crowd shadows most of it.

3. He draws some amazing cartoon characters.

4. He has a keen interest in languages and their history.Is actually learning Japanese by himself with the help of the online tools.

5. And the best one, he makes amazing origami. Give him a paper and he can make anything out of it.

And look what he taught me,on my first Origami lesson 🙂 .I made the red one 🙂


 p.s  I guess sometimes, we just take things for granted. We never really bother to look just a little bit more that lies within. Our perceptions are just limited to what appears on the surface, the rest its just oblivion.

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